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5 Sneaky Signs Your Testosterone Is Too Low

5 Sneaky Signs Your Testosterone Is Too Low

Many characteristics associated with manhood come from the hormone testosterone (T). When that hormone takes a nosedive, it brings a lot of things down with it, including erections.

Low testosterone leaves you feeling less than yourself. Fortunately, testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) boosts you back to normal.

At Low Testosterone & Weight Loss Center, our expert medical professionals offer TRT as part of men’s health care at our office in Allen, Texas. We test your levels of testosterone and customize therapy to your needs.

Are you low on T? Here are five signs you might be.

1. Less sex drive

A few years ago, you probably couldn’t imagine turning down an opportunity for sex. But recently, you’re the one who opts out of intimacy.

What’s up with that? Low libido is a sign of low testosterone. You may think the fizzle has left your romance, or you’re just too “mature” to get infatuated with a prospective new partner.

If you can’t work up the enthusiasm for sex, you may benefit from TRT. In addition to amping up your libido, getting your T back to normal helps you achieve and maintain healthy erections.

2. The bedroom is a letdown

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common complaint among aging men. In fact, approximately 45% of men over age 45 have low T. 

When you can’t perform in the bedroom, you may avoid sex altogether, associate it with failure, or develop depression or low self-esteem.

The combination of low libido and ED can take its toll on your relationship. Your partner may feel that you’re not attracted to them anymore. Or you may also start to feel less than your best.

3. Your gaining fat 

It takes T to build muscle and muscle to burn fat. If you’ve developed a paunch or a roll of fat around your middle, it may not be due to diet or lack of exercise. It could be due to a lack of T.

You may also not be eating enough high-quality protein to build the necessary muscle tissue. Combining TRT and changing nutrition and exercise habits can help you build muscle and shed fat.

4. Bone density loss

You may be shocked to get a diagnosis of osteoporosis because bone loss with aging is usually associated with menopause. But it hits men in andropause, too. 

Although andropause isn’t a clinical term, it describes a similar situation in which women find themselves during their change of life — hormones that guided their sex drive have plummeted. For both women and men, a loss of T means that they can’t produce new bone cells quickly enough.

Your bones are living tissues that regularly discard dead or damaged cells and replace them with new ones. In osteoporosis, that process is no longer working. Dead cells aren’t replaced as quickly, and your bones lose density and strength. 

To add to the problem, you’ve also probably lost muscle mass due to low T. Strong muscles' stress on your bones encourages them to keep creating new bone cells. Without that stress, your bone regeneration slows down.

5. Feeling depressed

With all the changes we’ve described, it’s no wonder you don’t feel like yourself anymore. But apart from the loss of libido, muscle, erections, and bone density, low T affects your mood.

Hormones regulate just about every process in your body, including how quickly and efficiently your brain sends and receives signals. When your brain slows down, you may feel grumpy, sad, or foggy. With TRT, you think faster and more clearly, and your mood lifts.

Do you think low T has snuck up on you? Get your T — and your life — back with TRT by calling us today at 214-383-7411. Or, use our online form at your convenience.

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