How to Navigate the Holidays Without Gaining Weight

It seems like every year, the holiday season gives you a little gift: One or two extra pounds.

That’s the type of gift you’d love to return that gift and exchange it for a slimmer figure. And with a little planning, you can.

At the Low Testosterone & Weight Loss Center in Allen, Texas, our expert team helps you attain and maintain a healthy weight through sound nutrition and lifestyle changes. We’ve put together a few tips to help you dodge that extra pound this holiday season.

Pile your plate with greens

Before you hit the turkey, gravy, and stuffing, heap your plate with a delicious salad, green beans, and whatever other healthy vegetables available. That leaves less room for calorie-rich foods such as stuffing or sweet potato casserole, so you won’t feel the urge to overindulge.

Vegetables and greens aren’t just filled with phytonutrients that your body needs to build healthy cells, they’re also full of fiber. Fiber helps you feel full faster, so your body won’t be craving so many sweets. 

Give a little thanks

Diving into your meal or dessert with gusto may give you momentary satisfaction, but it could be followed by a moment of guilt, too. Take a few seconds to truly savor the meal that you or another loved one has prepared.

Simply looking at your food and inhaling its aroma can stimulate your salivary glands. Saliva contains the enzyme amylase, which helps break down starches and sugars so that you can digest them more easily.

Now that you know the value of savoring your food, extend that appreciation to your chewing, too. Chewing your food slowly and thoroughly breaks it down so that you absorb its nutrients more readily. Slowing yourself down also helps you pay attention to your body’s cues, so you stop eating when you’re no longer hungry.

Sleuth out new treats

Most grocery stores are now filled with the fruits and vegetables that have contributed to the amazing cuisines of our world’s cultures. Before the holidays arrive, purchase a few new veggies and fruits you’ve never tried before. Look up recipes on the internet so you can tantalize your family’s taste buds with surprising new and whole foods.

Instead of sticking to holiday staples, find ways of reinventing your traditional feasts to minimize sugars and emphasize healthy proteins, fats, and vegetables. Instead of using canned cranberry sauce, for instance, cook up whole cranberries (it only takes minutes) for a tart and tasty treat.

Spice it up

Spices are a flavorful, low-calorie way to add pizzazz to any dish. You can even cut down on salt and sugar (or cut out the latter entirely) if you find the right spice combo. Scour cookbooks for new recipes or just do a few Google searches to learn how to add more spice to your life (and food).

As an extra bonus, spices are full of anti-inflammatory ingredients that can boost your health as well as your flavors. Herbs are another delicious addition to main dishes, sides, and even salads. Look for fresh herbs and spices at your grocery store, including:

Peppermint and ginger can do double duty, too. If you do over-indulge and have an upset tummy, make a tea from ginger, peppermint, or both to soothe your digestive tract.

Ease up on alcohol

Not only is alcohol filled with sugar and calories, but it also lowers your inhibitions. That means that too much alcohol could lead to too many cookies, too.

Experiment with non-alcoholic mocktails, fruit- and veggie-infused waters, and other festive ways to have a fun drink that doesn’t affect your willpower. Staying hydrated with water and other healthy beverages also minimize your chances of overeating.

And if you’re less than perfect…

Whether it’s the pound or two you gained this holiday season or the multitude of pounds you accumulated over the years, you don’t have to go into the New Year carrying excess weight. At Low Testosterone & Weight Loss Center, we offer medically supervised weight loss programs that help you shed the pounds and keep them off. 

To set up a weight loss consultation or to learn more about how to change your diet to be more nutritious and supportive, call us at 469-912-2113 or use our online form.

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