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I'm Struggling to Lose Weight

I'm Struggling to Lose Weight

Most of the food in the inner aisles of your local grocery stores is designed to tickle your palate and stimulate cravings for more, more, more, without providing much in the way of nutrition. Is it any wonder that you — and millions of other women, men, and kids in the United States — struggle with body-weight issues?

According to the NIH’s National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, more than two-thirds of adults and one-third of children are either overweight or dangerously obese. While loving your body has mental health benefits, being realistic about how much weight you can safely carry is paramount. In fact, it can save your life. 

Our health specialists at Low Testosterone & Weight Loss Center in Allen, Texas, are committed to improving your health for life. That’s why we offer customized medically supervised weight loss to help you make permanent changes.

As with any goal, achieving permanent and healthy weight loss requires time, patience, and change. That’s why it’s so difficult to do on your own. You also can’t access the tools you need from a diet book or web article.

Your body gained weight for a reason

Why are you overweight? Maybe it’s because you’re addicted to sugar, fried foods, or fast food. Those kinds of “foods” are designed for addiction. That’s why you always crave more.

Or maybe the reason is not so obvious. Perhaps you only buy “natural” or “healthy” foods at the store and choose salads at restaurants. But you could still be exposing yourself to non-nutritious ingredients that trigger inflammation in your body, making you prone to weight gain.

If you want to lose weight permanently, the first step is to figure out what caused the weight gain in the first place. That’s why our medical weight loss program begins with an in-depth physical exam, testing, and a comprehensive look at your personal and medical history, as well as your current and past diets.

What are your reasons?

Usually, more than one factor is at play when you gain an unhealthy amount of weight. Almost certainly more than one factor is responsible for weight that can’t be lost. Depending on your individual case, we may find that your weight gain is wholly or partially due to:

Once we establish the factors involved in your weight gain, we can customize a plan to help you gradually and permanently lose those troublesome pounds.

Your body, your plan

At Low Testosterone & Weight Loss Center, we don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to diet and fitness. First, we establish the factors that need to be addressed to help you lose weight faster. Then, we tailor a diet, medical, and activity plan just for your body’s needs. Your weight loss program might include:

The only weight loss plan that works is one you can adopt for life. Weight loss isn’t a short-term program, it’s a lifetime commitment that changes your shape and boosts your overall health and fitness.

We’re here for you

Of course, you benefit from our unique tests and tools that help you identify the triggers for your weight gain. And, of course, you benefit from the plan we design for you.

But most of all, you benefit from having a weight loss team committed to your goals of a healthy and stable weight and overall improvement in health. We don’t just give you information and push you out the door. We provide regular check-ins where we monitor your progress and health.

We’re also your weight loss and wellness coaches. When you fall off the wagon (and almost everyone does from time to time), we help you climb back on. When you see the pounds fall away and watch as your health numbers improve, you’re more motivated to make your lifestyle changes (and weight loss) permanent.

Stop the struggle and get the tools you need to take charge of your weight and health today by contacting our team at 469-912-2113 for your medical weight loss program. You can also use our online form at your convenience.

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