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Is a Low Libido Inevitable as You Age?

By the time you hit 40, your testes and adrenal glands start to produce up to 2% less testosterone (T) a year. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but the loss adds up over the years. When you remember that T is the hormone that sparked puberty and led to manhood, you begin to understand why you haven’t been feeling like your best self lately. 

When your T levels are too low, you may have troubling symptoms such as muscle loss, fat gain, and low libido. So, it’s not that you’re just too busy to think about sex. Your hormones are the force behind your sex drive, and your levels are dropping. 

Our low-T experts at Low Testosterone & Weight Loss Center understand how frustrating and confusing it could be to suddenly feel differently about sex. Or, worse, not be able to perform at a level that gives you and your partner maximum pleasure. That’s why we offer low testosterone treatment at our Allen and Frisco, Texas, offices.

How to tell your T is dropping

Because you lose just a small amount of T a year, it can take a while before you notice the changes in your body, emotions, and behavior. In addition to low libido, some signs that you may have low T are:

Though low T may be at the root of your low libido and other symptoms, you could also have issues with your thyroid. You may also have underlying conditions, such as obesity or diabetes, that complicate your low T. At Low Testosterone & Weight Loss Center, our providers conduct a thorough examination and conduct blood tests to determine your overall level of health, rule out or identify medical issues, and determine your T levels.

Low T depends on you

Recent research has determined that normal T levels for men aged 19-39 range from 264-916 ng/dL, and then fall from there once you reach the age of 40. However, even if your T levels are in the “normal” range for the average man, they may be too low for you.

Our experts look at the T levels in your blood while also considering the symptoms you’re experiencing. They also understand that normalizing your T levels may take more than just replacing your testosterone with hormone therapy. You may need to make lifestyle changes, such as losing weight and improving your diet to stabilize your health and help your body make the most of your low-T treatments.

Replacing T helps regain your youthful attitude

Once you’ve optimized your health by reaching a stable weight, exercising regularly, and replacing testosterone, you start to feel better and look better, too. Benefits of hormone replacement therapy include:

To beef up your low T and low libido with hormone replacement therapy today, contact the experts at Low Testosterone & Weight Loss Center by calling the office closest to you, or book an appointment online.

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