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Low Sexual Desire in Men

You might be noticing that your sex-drive is beginning to slow as you age. This can be a problem because your low libido can affect your relationship and even your self-esteem. You still feel young, and your low sex driving is also stirring up feelings of depression or anxiousness. And due to this vicious cycle, these factors affect your libido, too.  

Our expert practitioners at Low Testosterone & Weight Loss Center, with locations in Allen and Frisco, Texas, believe that a healthy sex drive benefits you both physically and emotionally. If you’ve lost interest in sex, our team suggests getting an evaluation to offer you the answers you need to build up your libido again.

Sex is complicated

Even if sexual arousal used to feel instantaneous, achieving and maintaining an erection long enough to complete a sexual act is a complex process, involving both physiological and psychological components. When you come to Low Testosterone & Weight Loss Center for a low libido evaluation, our experts physically examine you and order blood tests to identify any underlying disorders or hormonal deficiencies. They also ask you questions about your sexual and emotional history and behavior, including:

If they believe that past traumas or current mental health issues are dampening your libido, they refer you to a compassionate counselor so that you can begin the healing process. Even if you’re not clinically depressed, if you’re under stress at work or are having relationship problems, counseling may be all you need to regain your desire for sex again.

Sex is mechanical

Your low libido may be a result of erectile dysfunction (ED), which can feel both embarrassing and disappointing. To achieve an erection, your brain, blood vessels, nerves, and penis must all be healthy and functional. Your practitioner conducts tests to determine if you have a medical condition that could interfere with your sexual performance and desire, including:

If your practitioner identifies a physical problem interfering with your libido, they first treat that condition with medication and lifestyle changes. 

Sex is hormonal

The hormone testosterone (T) is responsible for your male sexual characteristics, including facial and body hair, increased muscle mass, and the ability to achieve an erection. Though it’s normal for your T levels to decline with age, if they’re too low, you develop symptoms that seriously compromise your quality of life, including a reduced sex drive.

Part of your low-libido workup at Low Testosterone & Weight Loss Center includes blood tests that determine your T levels. Even if you’ve been told that your T is “normal” by other practitioners, your T levels may not be normal for you. Low T can affect every aspect of your life, from your muscle mass to the quality of your sleep to the vigor of your love life.  

Your practitioner may recommend testosterone replacement therapy to alleviate low libido and other symptoms of low T, including fatigue and brain fog. We prescribe high-quality, pharmacy-compounded, bioidentical TRT, which is personalized based on your unique hormonal profile. 

We may also recommend pharmacy-grade supplements to boost your T and improve your overall health. Your practitioner may make changes to your diet and activity level so that your cells get the nourishment they need to function at their peak (and so do you).

Your TRT is medically supervised with regular visits that monitor your T levels. We don’t prescribe cookie-cutter remedies. We adjust your TRT based on your current needs and symptoms.

Get back to the love life you once enjoyed, by scheduling a low libido consultation and possible low testosterone treatment at Low Testosterone & Weight Loss Center today. Contact our office nearest you by phone or online form.

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